Passing through the revolving door, you will feel as if you had just traveled to another era.

The glorious years of European luxury known as the Belle Époque will welcome you with precious antique furniture, ancient paintings, porcelain pieces, and Murano chandeliers. Everything here at the hotel is still boasting its splendid fin de siècle atmosphere.

The hotel was established in 1912 and it immediately set the bar among grand hotels for travelers from Italy and abroad heading to Abano for thermal holidays and looking for a luxury stay. Then came the First World War. The hotel housed the general headquarters of the Chief of Staff of the Royal Italian Army, and on November 4, 1918, in Room #106, General Armando Diaz signed the Bollettino della Vittoria (Victory Bulletin), bringing Italy’s involvement in the Great War to an end. Today, the apartment of General Diaz is one of the most charming suites in the hotel; it still holds the General’s desk and the original mirror from back then.

The hotel has hosted generations of refined travelers and celebrities from Italy, the rest of Europe, and around the world, including heads of state, prime ministers, nobility, movie stars, and sports stars. All of them enjoyed greatly the wellness treatments that they received here, wellness that comes not only from the thermal water and mud but also from the beauty of a hotel itself, which has made history in the world of thermal Spas.