Crystal Pool

Think of the Crystal Pool as your own private thermal pool at the White Spa.

It is a quiet place available that can be reserved for the exclusive use of individuals, couples, and groups of guests. At the pool, the first things that greet your senses are the soft sound of the water and the reflection of the water on the walls.

Then the warmth of the thermal water will embrace you bestowing a feeling of quiet and wellbeing enhanced by having a secluded, intimate space just for yourself or for you and your guests. Let yourself go. Immerse yourself in the de-stressing experience of floating in warm, health-giving thermal water, a sensory experience of such purity that it makes you feel like you were just born anew.

The privacy of the Crystal Pool also makes it the perfect place to undergo some physical therapy in thermal water with the assistance and supervision of a personal trainer.

True wellbeing is a purely private matter, and that is why guests appreciate the Crystal Pool so much. It is an enchanted space devoted to water, relaxation, and innermost wellness. The luxury of spending time in the Crystal Pool is available only to guests of Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria.