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The stars hide a great deal of knowledge of what the future holds for each of us.
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Wellness Horoscope

The sky and its stars are our source of wisdom: from them we drew advice on the most suitable wellness
treatments for your zodiac sign.

HAPPY 2018

In the astrological year of 2018 there are interesting but also challenging planetary shifts. The word that must guide your actions in the next 12 months is courage, in fact there will be an issue to face and it could be a situation that you have postponed many times and you did not want to face until today. You could change your skin like the one of a snake without having any tears about what you have shed and left behind, this is a suggestion to keep in mind during many moments of your year. The position of Jupiter in the eighth house of your horoscope indicates the need to invest energy, money and strength in a direction that may not immediately give you results, it is exactly for this reason that you have to insist that the choice you have made is right and to proceed adapting the expectations to your wishes and naturally to the results you will obtain. It could be the right year for a new investment, both at work or for your education. The right attitude ranges from typical instinct to an instinct that is resized and managed through a different attitude, not perhaps reason, but at least pragmatism.


From mid-December to the end of January, Mars indicates a period in which you have to slow down your race towards success and focus on your real needs. It could be very useful for you to book a week to devote entirely to yourself with a stay that will inspire you with new confidence and inner beauty. Following this is a period in which you will be particularly strong and you will be able to face all the important and professional matters that you wish, this moment covers the month of February, March and also that of April. If you decide to dedicate time at the spa, you can choose treatments that can lower your stress giving you moments of total well-being and do not forget that you need to keep your body and soul connected. From mid-May and for the second part of 2018, you will have to focus on experiences that will lead you to change the way you relate to others. Perfect for this period are treatments for beauty, physical fitness, weight loss, and massages that can instill new confidence and energy. This long period will help you regain a new and much more stable balance.