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The benefits of GB Hotels - Abano Terme

All reservations include:

  • Entry to the park and spa pools
  • Hydromassages in spa water
  • Aqua gym from Monday to Saturday
  • Robe, towel and lounger
  • Gym
  • Access to the spa (facilities vary according to hotel)
  • Cycle hire
  • Wi-Fi
  • Multi-lingual concierge service
  • Today’s magazine with news in your language, at breakfast every morning

Live entertainment & music from a weekly programme

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Osteoarthrosis (or more commonly arthrosis) is a degenerative disease of the joints, of progressive type, characterized by alterations of the articular cartilage and by the reactive formation of bone tissue at the joint margins. Unfortunately, arthrosis is gradually increasing with age: it will first affect (under 30 years of age) the spinal column, after the age of 30 the joints of the knees and after 40 the joints of the hands, of the hip and feet.

In general, however, the progression of arthrosis is slow and the extent of functional impairment is not predictable. The well recognizable symptoms of arthrosis are: joint pain, functional limitation, and morning stiffness. A cliché, proved not to be right, is related to the irreversible nature of arthrosic lesions and the need for patients to have to learn to live with chronic pain, mainly because of the important side effects of the pharmacological therapy.

The thermal treatments with the mature fango of Abano Terme is a valuable and effective alternative to traditional anti-inflammatory and painkillers drugs used to treat osteoarthrosis.
Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of thermal treatments on both the long-term reduction of joint pain symptoms and improvement of joint mobility and muscle strength, with important advantages in humour and quality of life.

European patent: the matured mud at the GB Thermae Hotels, unique, contains in particular an alga known as ET505 reproduced in our maturing vats exclusively. The mechanism of anti-inflammatory action has been tested and controlled by the University of Padua and has recently been patented at European level (EP 05100038).

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