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The benefits of GB Hotels - Abano Terme

All reservations include:

  • Entry to the park and spa pools
  • Hydromassages in spa water
  • Aqua gym from Monday to Saturday
  • Robe, towel and lounger
  • Gym
  • Access to the spa (facilities vary according to hotel)
  • Cycle hire
  • Wi-Fi
  • Multi-lingual concierge service
  • Today’s magazine with news in your language, at breakfast every morning

Live entertainment & music from a weekly programme

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Healthy Legs

The problems in the legs are linked to venous insufficiency of the lower limbs of women, from the networks of dilated capillaries or varicose veins to more serious conditions such as venous thrombosis.
Beside the classic symptoms characterized by itching, swelling, a sense of heaviness and pain in the legs (especially calves), venous insufficiency can cause the onset of other disorders such as cellulite, rosacea and haemorrhoids.
The causes of these annoying symptoms are mainly to be searched in the poor quality of our lifestyle, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, overweight and obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse, but also drugs contraceptives and chronic stress.

Prevention becomes therefore very important because we can operate effectively against early damage caused by venous insufficiency in the whole body. Precisely for this reason, the medical team of the Abano Grand Hotel Thermal Spa has developed special programs and proposals for you: shock treatments, treatments to treat the appearance of the legs or rather treatments for those with limited time available and want to achieve in a week's stay visible results and learn how to take care of their legs when they return home.

Send your request to the Doctor Online, our specialists will happily advise you with precious info.


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