Jewish Padua: itinerary to discover Padua's Jewish heritage
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Ghetto Ebraico
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Museo Ebraico
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Interested in visiting the sites of Jewish Padua? Here is an itinerary that winds through the area of the ancient Paduan Ghetto to explore the tangle of streets that branch off the central axis, Via San Martino and Solferino. Then we move on to visit the Jewish Museum and the Synagogue. Next we go a little further north, into the charming Savonarola district, to reach the city's first Jewish cemetery. At the Jewish Museum you can purchase a cumulative ticket for these three points of interest. Finally, for those interested, we also point out the more modern Jewish cemetery, opened in the second half of the 19th century. But let's start in order to discover the places of interest of Judaism in Padua.