How to strengthen the natural shield of our immune system in one week.
The ImmunoMenu at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And 6 thermal bath and mud applications.
With the advantage of a complete wellbeing for body and mind.

Book your program with at least 6 thermal bath and mud applications: for your the ImmunoMenu at breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the price of the full board. For example the program Mud, Clay and Spa of the Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria.

Immuno Menu and Mud Balneotherapy to strengthen the immune defense
A menu that concentrates the richest foods of precious elements for the immune defense. The benefit of thermal mud as an immune system activator.
Two factors combined to transform a thermal stay into a natural defense for health.

A specific program to strengthen the immune system, made up of the combined benefits of:
-an immunostimulant menu, enriched with trace elements, vitamins and natural antioxidants
-a thermal mud balneotherapy program that stimulates the body's immunological functions.

The thermal mud helps to stimulate the immune defenses
The immune system is responsible for the body's defense against pathogens;
at this moment it is of fundamental importance to support it.

How does thermal mud act on the immune system?
The immune system is a complex net of organ and cells with the function to fight infectious agents.
It has been proven that a cycle of mud therapy activates the sentinel receptors of the immune system, situated in the border areas (lymph nodes, intestine, lungs).
When stimulated they increase the number of guardian cells circulating in the blood and lymphatic system.
A cycle of thermal treatments allows to obtain in an absolutely natural way a very important result:
improve the ability of the body to recognize and remove germs and viruses

We have added one more factor: a diet, designed to strengthen the immune system.
In this way, a cycle of thermal treatments, even of one week only, will have a stronger effect by creating a real natural shield.

ImmunoMenu: the nutrition that helps strengthen the immune defenses
The activity of the immune system is deeply influenced by the way we eat.
The helpful vitamins for the immune defenses are especially Vitamin C, A, E, D, B6, B9 and B12; among the microelements zinc, selenium, iron and copper.
To take an adequate quantity of these elements increases the ability of the body to defend itself from infections.

Strengthen your immune system through nutrition is possible
To make sure that you get an adequate supply of all the compounds needed for your immune system every day, it is important to take the right foods in the right quantities and variety.
Fruits and vegetables must be stored whole and not peeled, in a cool place away from light and preferably eat raw or undercooked, especially not boiled.

ImmunoMenu: the nutrition that helps strengthen the immune system
Our medical team and our chefs have designed a menu that includes and combines all these beneficial elements for the immune system.
Thus, the ImmunoMenu was created and will be served in the restaurants of GB Hotels.
The ingredients are the richest in active elements for the immune system. Prepared in such a way as to respect at most their properties And served in such a way as to be a pleasure for the eyes and taste.
To take the most advantages from your stay at the hotel, and take inspiration to recreate the dishes at home.

A stay of one week at the GB Thermae Hotels will be enough to take advantage of:
-anti-stress relax of a wellness holiday
-the benefits for the immune system given by the combined action of thermal mud and a specific diet.

Mud treatments and ImmunoMenu: more energy to the immune defenses.