Yoga & Spa: harmony at its best

The natural setting of the large park with its exotic and oriental trees is perfect to create harmony.

In addition, one here can enjoy the relaxation of a spa where Ayurvedic treatments are yours to experience. 

This is the privilege one can enjoy with the yoga courses at Hotel Terme Metropole: an atmosphere designed to create a harmony and pleasant emotions. 

Yoga lessons take place in the park or in the eastern pavilion, depending on the season, and are designed to complete and enhance the spa treatments, increasing their benefits. 

The Oriental Spa is specialized in holistic treatments based on Oriental philosophy and medicine. Thermal wellness rituals stimulate metabolism and remove toxins; Ayurvedic and oriental massages relax body and mind. The ideal prerequisites for yoga. 

It is an experience that generates a continuous exchange of benefits encompassing yoga lessons, spa rituals and paths. 

The combination of Yoga & Spa can be enjoyed for a weekend or a week, with courses open both to lovers of this discipline and to those who wish to experience this fascinating world for the first time.

Week Yoga & Far East 2022

10th July - 17th July 2022

14th August - 21st August 2022

11th September - 18th September 2022

09th October -16th October 2022

30th October - 06th November 2022

22nd December 21 - 06th January 2023 

Weekend breaks Yoga & Far East 2022

15th July - 17th July 2022

19th August - 21st August 2022

16th September - 18th September 2022

14th October - 16th October 2022

04th November - 06th November 2022