The Thermal Spa

Spa treatments are an integral part of our rehabilitation project.


Balneotherapy is a treatment that uses the therapeutic effect of thermal water on the body. This water of meteoric origin comes from the uncontaminated basins of the Lessini Mountains and flows underground at a depth of about 3000 meters (9842 f.), getting enriched by geothermal energy and mineral salts on the paths to the surface where it springs out at a constant temperature of about 85°C (185°F), right on the grounds of the Hotel La Residence & Hydrokinesis. The water is classified as a non-radioactive salty-bromine-iodic-hyperthermal water and used, once cooled using a natural process, in our swimming pools, rehabilitation pools and in the Thermal Spa in various therapeutic forms (mud-balneotherapy, hydromassage and inhalation therapies).

The main beneficial effects of the thermal water can be found in the rehabilitation field. The properties of the water promote muscle relaxation, a draining effect and a pain-relieving action that facilitates recovery in a protected and comfortable environment.

Thermal water is also the essential component for the proper maturation of the clay used to form mature mud.

Mud therapy

The clayey soil used to prepare the mud comes from the slow erosion of the granite rocks of the Euganean hills. Picked up periodically from the bottom of the small lakes within the Euganean Regional Park, it is subjected to a complex process of filtration before being put in contact with the thermal water in special maturation silos, located in the hotel grounds.

The continuous and slow stirring inside the silos for a period of at least two months changes the physical-chemical characteristics of the clay, which behaves like a sponge. This allows it to get enriched with minerals and oligo-elements. Therefore, the ideal conditions are created for the development of an algal flora which is very important for the final therapeutic effect of the mud. Thus, the mud becomes a natural medicine particularly rich in minerals, oligo-elements and bioactive substances (sulphur-clico-peptide), which are absorbed during the treatment and that have an extraordinary therapeutic action on the body.

Mud therapy is a medical treatment that finds endless applications both in the therapeutic and rehabilitative fields and, thus, must be used according to specific time frames and using specific methods. The Hydrokinesis Center has an original method for transporting the mature mud inside the thermal department through an efficient pumping system that preserves intact all its properties.

Mud therapy (12 treatments /2 weeks) is often included where recommended by medical prescription in the hydrokinesis rehabilitation protocol as it has an important synergistic action with other activities, helping reducing pain, joint stiffness and skeletal muscle contracture with a clear improvement in mood and quality of life of the patient.