What we treat

At our Center, the conditions that we treat the most often are those that involve orthopedic rehabilitation: bone-fracture outcomes; accident injuries; sports injuries; pre- and post-operative artificial hips, knees, and shoulders; spine-surgery outcomes; osteoarthrosis and other pathological bone and joint conditions; bone fractures due to osteoporosis; and muscle-tendon injuries.

Treatment cycles last an average of 2 weeks. However, patients with chronic posture problems such as lower-back pain, neck pain, back pain, and chronic alterations of the spine and lower limbs (scoliosis, flat feet, and hallux valgus) due to poor posture can obtain good results with a stay of just one week.

In the case of neurological problems, patients suffering from motor autonomy limitations, difficulty in walking or keeping their balance in the aftermath of a stroke, hemiplegia, demyelinating diseases (multiple sclerosis), and Parkinson’s disease can obtain excellent results in a rehabilitation cycle of 3–4 weeks.

The Center is also able to successfully treat vascular and lymphatic conditions, cellulitis, lymphedema, and chronic venous insufficiency using an original method that involves, in particular, hydrokinetic therapy; a vascular walk; and draining, mechanical, and manual techniques.

The thermal water from the hot spring is rich in mineral salts, bromine, and iodine, and the physical and chemical characteristics of the water make it possible for use to carry out effective rehabilitation for respiratory conditions, and in particular for chronic sinusopathies, rhinopharyngitis, vocal-cord disorders, respiratory insufficiency due to chronic bronchitis, and nocturnal apnea due do chronic snoring.

Because side effects of anticancer treatments (e.g., chemotheraphy and radiation therapy) can create many physiological and psychological problems for cancer patients, cancer rehabilitation is an integral part of the treatment for such patients. Our Center for rehabilitation combines a relaxing setting, a healthy climate, and the effectiveness of natural detoxifying treatments (i.e., bath therapy, mud therapy, and massage therapy) that aid in improving overall health, so a thermal rehabilitation stay at the Center is a valuable health investment for a cancer patient. The length of the treatment is determined by our medical team on a case-by-case basis.