The hydrokinesis pools

We have built pools designed specifically for carrying out thermal hydrokinetic therapy. In our hyrokinesis pool, the temperature of the water is kept in the range 33°–35°C (91°–95°F), creating an environment that is ideal for carrying out exercises without the body feeling any unpleasant coolness that would cause muscles and joints to tense up. While the thermal water is relaxing muscles and relieving pain, a large number of small water jets located along the edge of the pool make the water swirl in a unique way.

The pool has three working areas, of differing depth and size, which are designed to meet the various needs of patients and make it possible for them to undergo rehabilitation activities in a completely load-free way, do step training, or do joint-recovery activities in the water while comfortably seated on special seats in the pool.

The pool is equipped with large windows and underwater video cameras in the pool, enabling the therapist to check in real time how the patient is performing the task and modify the basic body-motion patterns if necessary.

The hydrokinesis pool is designed so that even individuals who have difficulty walking can get into the pool. There is also a mechanical device to help patients get into and out of the pool who are unable to do so on their own.

There are also two treatment pools that exclusively for use in individual treatments. Designed to meet the needs of patients who want to have their health conditions treated in a private setting.