Pain-relieving therapy

A department of the Hydrokinesis Center is fully dedicated to physical therapy. The pain-relieving treatment of a wide range of inflammatory and pain disorders is an integral part of the hydrokinesis rehabilitation protocol. It also offers the possibility of minimizing the risks of painful exacerbation, or supports patients who wish to maintain continued therapy even under specific conditions.

Electrotherapy (diadynamic/interferential currents)

The local application of electrical pulses is a very effective therapeutic technique: depending on the type of electrical current used, a different therapeutic effect is achieved. Direct currents allow some of the drugs to be carried directly into the areas to be treated (iontophoresis).

Tens electrotherapy

This is a particular type of current with high-analgesic effect generated using electrodes that active the peripheral inhibition nerve systems in the treated areas. They are particularly used, alone or in combination, in the treatment of acute and chronic osteoarticular pain and in root neuritis.


This therapy uses equipment that generates low intensity and variable frequency magnetic fields in specific areas of the body. This improves metabolic function, increasing microcirculation and cell regeneration mechanisms. These effects are used for multiple therapeutic purposes, particularly in osteo-articular trauma, in the treatment of bone fractures and in the treatment of osteoporosis.


Iontophoresis allows a medicinal substance (prescribed by the doctor) to be carried inside the skin using a particular direct current that is generated at the place to be treated with special electrodes of different polarities. This way, the systemic side effects of many anti-inflammatory medicines are avoided, guaranteeing a targeted and effective therapeutic action.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy makes use of sound vibrations at such a high frequency that they are not perceived by the human ear and spread in the form of trains of waves with numerous therapeutic effects in the tissues, including mechanical, thermal and biochemical effects. It is used in all pathologies of the locomotor system when an analgesic effect is desired or to complete a physiotherapy session.

Super pulsed laser therapy

Laser therapy bases its therapeutic effect on the photochemical and photobiological stimulus action induced in the tissues by the light pulse. Cells damaged by inflammatory, traumatic or degenerative causes, when stimulated by the laser, tend to recharge their energy and return to their primary physiological function.

The treatment should take place as early as possible and should be customized by a doctor to treat a wide range of pathologies, in sports traumatology, arthro-rheumatic diseases and in joint motor rehabilitation.


The application of heat in particular areas of the body through the innovative Hyperthermia technique (which uses two heat sources at the same time) allows obtaining a more selective and effective action especially in post-traumatic sports diseases in sub-acute stage.