Kinesiotherapy and motor recovery

The Kinetic gym makes available its specialized personnel to carry out kinesiotherapy treatments for full motor, functional and postural rehabilitation and muscle strengthening through the use of high-tech equipment. All treatments are attended by a rehabilitation specialist.

According to the medical prescription and the proposed rehabilitation protocol, the following treatments are carried out:

Motor Rehabilitation:

Manual mobilization of a blocked joint by a therapist based on the doctor's instructions. This is an integral part of the hydrokinesis rehabilitation protocols and is of fundamental importance for full recovery.

Functional Rehabilitation:

It includes in-depth work both on the recovery of muscular strength and the range of motion, but above all on the proprioceptive system for the control of stability during movement: the purpose is complete restoration of the functionality of the area affected by the trauma.

Postural Re-education:

It is an innovative and progressive physiotherapy technique that acts by re-balancing muscle tone and trophism. It is particularly suitable for treating disorders related to diseases of the spine and lower limbs.

Personal Trainer:

Thanks to the support of qualified personnel (personal trainers) and large equipped spaces (gym, swimming pool) the Hydrokinesis Center offers programs specialized in motor activity, relaxation and muscle toning particularly suited to get back in shape and rebalancing one's psycho-physical condition.

The treatments are provided both individually and/or in group and may include cardiovascular aerobic activity (cardio fitness), muscle strength development (weight training), muscle elasticity development (stretching, pilates), relaxation (yoga, Thai-chi) and they are carried out both in a fully equipped gym and in a therapeutic pool, under the supervision of a personal trainer.