Hydrokinetic Therapy

Thermal hydrokinetic therapy uses the physical and chemical waters of thermal water (in this case the mineral salts, bromine, and iodine found in the hot-spring waters of Abano Terme) to therapy treatments.

The temperature and the specific chemical composition of our thermal water help patients to recover mobility in a gentle, gradual way. In addition, in water one can carry out rehabilitation exercise in conditions of reduced gravity (with the body feeling up to 90% lighter), meaning much less effort is required and, so excellent treatment results can be obtained in a short time.

This means that thermal hydrokinetic therapy, besides being natural, is also effective in recovering and maintaining musculoskeletal functions and reduces the amount of time necessary to recover from injuries or surgeries.

Among the many benefits of thermal water are the following:

  • Partially or totally reduces the load placed on joints (i.e., less intraarticular stress)
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Relieves pain
  • Drains the body
  • Makes passive and active mobilization of the body easier
  • Brings muscles and joints throughout the body into play
  • Restores psycho-physical balance
  • Reduces the amount of time necessary to achieve recovery during rehabilitation