For Athletes

The Hydrokinesis Center is a thermal rehabilitation center specialized in the functional recovery of orthopedic and neurological motor disorders also in people who practice sports. Thus, it is excellent both for the orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation of athletes.

The combined action of treatments in thermal water, in the gym and in many cases the addition of mud therapy allows patients to achieve excellent and fast results in the recovery of secondary traumas due to sport activity.

Recently, the Hydrokinesis Center has acquired specialization in sports therapy for youths/athletes affected by orthopedic disabilities, developing a specific training program that takes into account their strengths and weaknesses (also in cooperation with professionals who already assist them).

The Sports Specialists Team

This team consists of a doctor specialized in sports and rehabilitation, an orthopedist, a spa doctor and a nutritionist in addition to physiotherapists and graduates in motor sciences, who integrate their skills to better manage and monitor the rehabilitation and sports objectives and performance established at the beginning of the treatment.

The standard procedure is to develop an individual rehabilitation plan for each patient, consisting of various programs that make it possible to specifically address the different medical issues.

Our competence and experience, together with the specificity of the hydrokinesis facility, allow us to successfully treat a wide variety of orthopedic pathologies such as trauma, fractures, joint and limb prosthesis.