Backache week

Backache, in its typical forms (cervical and lumbar) is the most frequent cause of disease in the western world and the event that makes people consult a physician. Also, it is the pathology with the widest selection of therapies, often in contrast with each other, with several collateral effects and rarely decisive.

Notwithstanding the most sophisticated diagnostic techniques and strong pharmaceuticals, a large number of doctors have still some issues in dealing with the pain coming from the spine and take a dramatic attitude. They often link it to the physiological aging of the organism, to the climate or chronic stress.

In many cases, the most common suggestion – bedrest – is counterproductive, as it activates a vicious circle: pain > forced rest > muscular hypotrophy and depression > more pain. This circle causes crhonicisation. What should we do then?    

A thermal environment constitutes the ideal place to focus on chronic back pain and to try and solve it in a safe and definite way.

What helps patients believe that they made the right choice is the combination of a few factors: a two-century long tradition in rheumatic diseases, scientific discoveries on the efficacy of natural therapies of arthrosis and osteoporosis, unique and comfortable healing environments and the right amount of time to take care of oneself.

A skilled team of doctors will take care of you upon arrival, through a specialised evaluation that aims at putting the patient first, not the spine alone.



It is usually performed upon arrival and is essential to personalise both the therapy and the physical activities during the stay.

It consists in a clinical analysis of morphology, posture, muscle strength and elasticity, assessment of limb symmetry, distribution of lean mass and fat mass.



The doctor prescribes at least two daily hours of individual activities at various levels: thermal, antalgic, massage therapy, classical rehabilitation, fitness, hydro kinesiotherapy, relaxation, all under supervision of a rehabilitation therapist. The work loads are personalized according to the needs of each patient and they complement and enhance each other ensuring rapid and lasting results.



Two groups activities are scheduled: one in thermal water and one in the gym, each of 30 minutes each, under supervision of a personal trainer. These activities help in amplifying and maintaining the results achieved by individual techniques.

Physical excercise focused on the spine improves posture and perception of one's body, mobilizes rigid areas of the spine, strengthens and corrects muscle imbalance especially of the paravertebral musculature, regains proper movement, stimulates and activates shortened and contracted muscle structures.


The weeks for backache at Hotel La Residence & Idrokinesis®


18 – 25 february 2024

12 – 19 august 2024

17 – 24 march 2024

16 – 23 september 2024

22 – 29 april 2024

27 october – 3 november 2024

5 – 12 may 2024

18 – 25 november 2024

1 – 8 june 2024

2 – 9 december 2024

8 – 15 july 2024

5 – 12 january 2025


 “Backache and Idrokinesis®” involves:

In single room:

  • Full Board treatment
  • Thermal and Physiatric evaluation
  • 2 Pancasix Evolution 
  • 6 Treatments of thermal mud  
  • 6 ozonised thermal baths  
  • 6 individual sessions of idrokinesis of 25 min. 
  • 6 sessions of postural reeducation of 25 min. or antalgic therapy  
  • 6 Massages Deep Tissue Method® of 25 min. 
  • Aquagym in thermal water

Individual programme 1.535,00 €  - 7 nights stay not included

Special price for group programme 1.295,00 € - 7 nights stay not included


In double room

  • Full Board treatment
  • 7 wellness treatments (50 min) to choose from:  Emotional Thermal Mud, Peeling ( vulcanic or fruit gel ), Antistress face treatment, Body Peel & Relax Treatment for Men, Intensive Age Face Treatment for Men, GB Method Hemolymphatic Draining Massage, Deep Tissue Method® Massage, Jasmin Therapy Body Massage, Wellness or Antistress Massage for the second person


Price for second person without backache programme, from Deluxe room 798 €