Luxury Thermal Spa Clinic

This wellness clinic is one-of-a-kind not just in Italy but also in Europe and around the world. It is a thermal spa hotel dedicated to the needs and well-being of those who require specific rehabilitation treatments.

At the clinic, guests who need help to recover health and body mobility will be welcomed to the Idrokinesis Center, specialized in functional rehabilitation. Meanwhile, all guests’ companions and family members will certainly enjoy the services of a 4-star superior hotel and the opportunity to spend their days savoring fine food and drinks at the restaurant, relaxing at the hotel’s park or thermal pools, or receiving treatments or massages at the Spa to enhance their own well-being.

And every evening, after all the planned rehabilitation treatments with the physiotherapists have been completed, the Clinic features live music and themed events to reward the guests’ rehabilitation efforts with the pleasure and entertainment of a true vacation.