A beautiful setting makes detox treatments even more effective

How to spend a day at Hotel Terme Due Torri

What will you find at Hotel Terme Due Torri? A Spa with warm, healing pools, a hot-spring hotel in a noble villa from the 1700s, delightful dining and drinking experiences, and much more. But you will also find the beauty of the Veneto region and Venice, all around you and right in your reach.

If you want to take advantage of your stay at the hotel to get out and about, you can take your pick of fantastic places to visit. Padua is just 15 minutes away and Venice is less than an hour away, and you can also take a day trip to the Euganean Hills or Lake Garda. Go a little farther and you can enjoy shopping in Milan and the beauty of Florence.

There’s no need to hurry or watch the clock, since you will certainly have enough time to get back to the hotel for a dive in a thermal pool before dinner.

If you’re not in the mood for a trip, then change into your bathrobe and slippers and head out for a nice swim in one of the thermal pools outdoors, among the trees in the park, or else head downstairs for a detox treatment at the Spa.

At the Spa, one of the most enjoyable treatments is the thermal steam grotto. The grotto’s pleasant steam sucks toxins and stress right out of your body and frees both your mind and spirit.

Another wonderful opportunity that the Spa offers is a couples treatment, a session for two held in a private section of the Spa.

When lunch time rolls around, dining at Ristorante Venezia will remind you that you are at the manor of the Doge of Venice, so be sure to get the most out of the fine gourmet fare and impeccable service.

In the afternoon, indulge in some more sessions at the Spa, laze around just doing nothing at the thermal pools, or take a nice walk downtown.

And now that it is aperitif time, enjoy it either in the aristocratic splendor of the Bar Ai Dogi or outdoors in the park, choosing a spot among the exotic trees that offers a view of the pools.

The aperitif has certainly whetted your appetite for some fine dining, so now why don’t you head down for a nice dinner at Ristorante Venezia? This restaurant greets you with the sumptuous elegance of its large gilded curtains, crystal chandeliers, and candlesticks on top of immaculate white tablecloths, just what guests of the Doge of Venice, Francesco Morosini, saw when they dined here in the 1700s. The only difference is what is served on the plates: contemporary Mediterranean cuisine that combines traditional Veneto recipes and culinary touches from Sardinia and around the world.

To wrap up the day, excellence deserves a toast. And there is no better place for it than at the Bar Ai Dogi with its splendid selection of sparkling drinks, including everything from prosecco to champagne.