Breath Program

Improper breathing is able to cause symptoms that we often underestimate: dizziness, headache, chronic fatigue, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, difficulty concentrating. Learning how to breathe correctly and boosting the respiratory function is essential for our health.


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Our Medical Team has studied an ad hoc "Breath Program" which includes:

Mud treatment

Thermal mud is a natural activator of the immune system. It has been proven that a cycle of mud treatments activates the sentinel receptors of the immune system, those that increase the number of guardian cells in the blood and lymphatic system.

A cycle of thermal treatments therefore improves the body's ability to recognize and fight viruses and germs.

Thermal inhalation treatments

The thermal waters that flow in our springs are precious for their antiseptic action and their ability to normalize the characteristics of the respiratory mucus and reduce the non-physiological microbiological component. For these reasons they are usually used through inhalations and aerosols in the treatment and prevention of many respiratory diseases.

Breath Training  

Exercises performed in the gym, aimed at strengthening the respiratory function. The objective is, to give the muscles more elasticity, in order to increase the amplitude of the movements of the spine, shoulders and rib cage, allowing a larger expansion of the lungs, and therefore to breathe better, reducing the stasis of lung secretions, potential factor of respiratory infections.

Nutritional Program ImmunoMenu

The whole daily menu, from breakfast to lunch and dinner, is based on a specific attention to vitamins and mineral salts, precious for the support of the immune system and for their antioxidant action.


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Complete Reeducation of motor fonction

Progressive aerobic exercises to restore gradually motor and cardiovascular function, with exercises for the recovery of autonomy, improving safety and endurance in physical effort and walking, aerobic training, improving posture.

Individual Idrokinesis Therapy

Specific exercises for respiratory and motor recovery and increasing aerobic capacity. The specific characteristics of the thermal water and its temperature are helpful for the muscle relaxation and the removal of toxins and inflammation cells from the tissues.

Relaxation practices

The first beneficial element is to find yourself in an environment, which is completely designed for well-being, with the large spaces of the parks and the gardens.

Treatments and rituals reducing anxiety and depression such as anti-stress massage, plantar reflexology, acupuncture, watsu, can be suggested according to the circumstances.

Starting form 6 days with full board

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