Offer a moment of wellness and magic

B Gift Box: wellness is a gift

The best gift you can offer is wellness.
Offer a thermal stay: to enjoy Spa, swimming pools, taste, elegant spaces created for the pleasure of living.

Choose the perfect Gift Box for the person you want to give it to: for him, for her, for a romantic getaway for two, for 3 days of pure thermal wellness, for a day between Spa and swimming pools, for exclusive cosmetic rituals.

Why you need a Gift Box
For an original gift, for an elegant surprise, for the birthday, for the anniversary, for living together or let live a special moment.
A gift that creates emotions even before using it.

How to order and offer a Gift Box

In Abano Terme
You can buy the Gift Box in the 5 GB Hotels in Abano Terme or in the Temple of Wellness, the shop in the pedestrian centre in Viale delle Terme 171.
You will receive a box to give to the person to whom you are offering this wonderful gift.

From your home
You can order the Gift Box from your home.
We will send the voucher with the Gift Box you have chosen to the beneficiary of your gift.