James Bond Bar

It is difficult to describe the James Bond Bar. Is it a cocktail bar, a lounge bar, or a hotel attraction? The answer is likely: “a bit of all”. One thing is certain: this venue is the sort of place where you could imagine James Bond ordering a martini just the way he likes it, “Shaken, not stirred.”

The bar is a member of Bond Point Privilege, an elite international set of cocktail bars that offer an atmosphere and a particular selection of cocktails and drinks that fit the personality, adventures, philosophy, and style of James Bond.

The Bar’s barman, Antonio Della Croce, has created a signature James Bond Drinks Collection, which includes the Ultimate 007 Caviar Martini and the Vesper Martini Luxury.

In addition to cocktails, the bar also offers champagne and everything else you may wish when you are looking to enjoy a special drink or a special occasion.