Our Cuisine
An amazing Gourmet Experience

We are lucky to be located in a very special area: the Veneto region, with the Mediterranean on one side and the Alps on the other. As a result, we receive from both land and sea the best ingredients of the Italian gastronomic tradition, and our job is to combine them to make them work perfectly together. Not only we balance the ingredients but also make them work to your advantage, so that your stay at our spa is all about your wellbeing, even in the meals.

After all, you choose a stay at a Spa because you are looking for balance and harmony, and achieving harmony is exactly the goal of every dish here: harmony between appearance and taste, harmony between sensory pleasure and correct nutrition, and harmony between the authenticity of the ingredients and the originality of the recipe.

Our chef, Claudio Crivellaro, is dedicated to surprising, winning over, and delighting guests by leading them in a journey of flavors that stimulates all senses.

In every dish you will always “see” the individual ingredients and know that the origin of each is controlled and traceable. This makes eating a true pleasure and our mission for your wellbeing a success. Our culinary philosophy, which focuses on the purity of the ingredients and the wellbeing of the person, harmoniously combines the pleasure of the senses, healthiness, and respect for the ecosystem. We are constantly searching, experimenting and creating new recipes, so each dish we serve is the result of a unique process that involves ingredients, recipes, shapes, colors, and presentation because every aspect plays an important role. All dishes in our menu are the result of a joint project between the nutritionists of the Romanae Thermal Spa and the experts of the Mediterranean Diet Association.