The Privilege of a Highly Personalized Service

Here everything becomes possible, every wish comes true and every request is met promptly and exquisitely: this and more is what you would expect from a 5-star Luxury Grand Hotel.

And this is exactly what our concierge is great at: making the impossible possible. Ask assistance with confidence to organize your stay at its best; our concierge is ready to take on any “mission impossible”. This is what makes a stay at Abano Grand Hotel a superior hospitality experience.

This starts from being able to sleep soundly every night. Given that good sleep improves one’s life then, of course, good sleep is an essential part of our wellness offer. How? By starting with a menu that lets you choose which pillow best suits your fancy or relax with “Sleep-well aroma therapy” featuring rose petals, amber, and lavender relaxation fragrances that you can spray on your pillow and on your arms before lying down to sleep.

Our concierge also handles everything you may wish to do outside the hotel: a personal shopper service, private tours to beautiful Venice and other nearby cities, priority access to museums, and even the printing out of boarding passes for your flights.

In short, a highly personalized service that goes above and beyond a standard concierge service, ready to meet your needs and to provide you with extraordinary privileges.