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Thermal Mud

The mud employed in the GB Hotels Thermal Spas is a blend of clay mud and spring water, which thanks to the particular environmental conditions in the Euganean Basis is progressively enriched with precious, natural anti-inflammatory elements, thus becoming a spring of well-being for treating and regenerating body and mind.

Spa care is a treatment that has been known for over two thousand years and basically consists in applying, under medical control, a thick layer of the matured mud on the skin at a temperature of around 40°C (104 °F). The particular methods of application in mud therapy generate an overall therapeutic response in the organism, with positive re-equilibrating effects on various organs and systems.

The results of numerous scientific studies have recently demonstrated the therapeutic effectiveness of this treatment, particularly in arthro-rheumatic pathologies, as it acts as a natural medicine in alternative to traditional, pharmacological therapies and moreover, with no collateral effects.

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