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Numerous scientific studies have shown that regular physical exercise can not only prevent aging but also protect the body from many serious diseases (heart attack, stroke, obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, ...) favoured by a sedentary life.

Physical activity can be either sports (swimming, tennis, cycling, golf ,...) but still proved to be the most useful are exercises in the gym under the supervision of a qualified instructor, which often become a useful training program to improve sport performances.
In addition to the undoubted practical results on the physical form, it must then not be underestimated the psychological impact: there is an increased self-esteem, the social skill capacity, the sense of well-being linked to the secretory stimulation of neuromediators of the brain (endorphins and serotonin).

In our Thermal Spa of Abano Terme, the choice between sports and thermal paths and programs is heterogeneous, from golf  to fitness, from Nordic walking to thermal yoga and to programs of “remise en forme”, everyone always accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet cured by our chefs.

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