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The excess of weight has to be fought not only to improve the aesthetic appearance or to obtain a better physical efficiency, but also to maintain one’s own health in the right balance and lengthen one’s own live.
A healthy and balanced diet is the only key that makes the engine of our body work in the best way, avoiding premature wear.

A stay at our thermal spa centres creates the perfect conditions to associate effective wellness programs with nutritional assessment and personalized diet: metabolic stimulation and draining caused by thermal cures associated with a controlled calories reduction and a better distribution of the nutrients allows to obtain quicker and unexpected results, both on the excess weight and on the quality of life.

In all the GB Thermae Hotels is possible to associate to the therapeutic program, agreed with the thermalist doctor, a controlled nutritional diet prescribed by the specialist in food science. We remind you that a personalized diet is recommended in the programs.
During the stay it is possible to carry out a 180 food test in order to verify eventual food intolerances.

Send your request to the Doctor Online, our specialists will happily advise you with precious info.


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