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With Ayurveda it is possible to reach the balance of the energies of body and mind.
According to Ayurveda our body is pervaded, in different proportions, of three vital energies called doshas*.

Wrong habits, lifestyle, nutrition, stress and emotional repression can unbalance the equilibrium of a person's dosha, produce and accumulate toxins and cause diseases. The identification of imbalances in a dosha, corresponding to the diagnosis, lead to find remedies to restore the individual equilibrium state and therefore recovery.
The Ayurvedic treatments are precisely those techniques aimed at equilibrating the balance of dosha. At the Oriental Thermal Spa of the Hotel Metropole the Ayurvedic medicine combines with thermal medicine by developing holistic treatments which help to achieve energetic balance of the mind and body.

The rite of the oriental fango therapy is the basis for all programs. It allows to obtain a personalized effect according on the oils used during the oiling prior to the fango therapy wrap. In particular, a relaxing effect (vata), draining (pitta), tonic (kapha) and nourishing (treedosha).
After the ritual of the oriental fango complete the Ayurvedic path other treatments such as: Abyangam Kerala with Swedanam, Abyangam Kerala four hands, Abyangam Kerala with pindaswedanam, Abyangam Kerala on ground, midhiabyangam, shiroabyangam, shiro-Abyangam shirodara, Abyangam shirodara.

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