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Are you looking for a medical Spa in Italy? With the help of a professional team, it will be easy to pick the right programme and particular treatment most suited for you.
For anyone wishing to have medical consultation before arriving at GB Thermae Hotels or at the Hydrokinesis Centre, you can send your request to the Doctor Online, our specialists will happily advise you with precious info.

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2 years, 8 months ago

A stay at one of the GB Hotels Thermal spas in Abano would certainly be an excellent investment in your health, to help you get back into good shape and prevent depression...

Spa treatments can stimulate your metabolism, burn locked in fat, relax contracted muscles, help to purge and detox the liver, tone and firm the skin, and also improve your mood.

You can follow a balanced, low-calorie diet, a detox treatment with herbal teas, a body treatment using bio-active clay enriched with algae, and baths in salt, bromine and iodine spring water, draining massages, medicated bandages and full facial treatments. All under the control of a doctor and in a peaceful, relaxing environment, with areas dedicated to wellness and relaxation (hot pools, hydromassage, saunas, steam rooms, and gym).

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: During the menopause, I put on weight and my metabolism stopped working. Now I suffer from insomnia and mood swings. I’ve been recommended a spa holiday to solve my problems. What do you suggest?

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I’m interested in your light leg programme and I would like to come on holiday with my 20-year-old daughter, who suffers from acne. Do you have any ideas?
My busy job leaves me no time for regular exercises. I am sedentary and stressed. My diet is poor and I have difficulty concentrating. I don’t have much time. Can I combine a week’s holiday with an anti-stress treatment?
Do any of your spas have treatments for my mother, who is 79 and has arthritic knees, which are giving her walking problems?
I have severe osteoporosis and lower back pain from multiple collapsed vertebrae
I love Ayurveda and oriental massage. I have bad pains in my legs, cramp, and chronic tiredness. I also feel bad tempered and a little depressed. Which treatments can you recommend?
I suffer from neck pain and chronic headaches with pain between the eyes. What kind of treatment do you offer in your spas for this type of problem?
I’m choosing a Spa for a full “slimming treatment”. I’ve already tried other diets without success.
My 6-year-old child has enlarged adenoids and tonsils. The ear, nose and throat specialist has prescribed treatment with cortisone spray. I have reserved a break at your hotels; will my son be able to have aerosol treatment? Are the treatments covered by the national health?
I had whiplash due to a car accident. I would like to know if spa treatments would be right for me.
I have read that you organize spa breaks combined with yoga. I have serious sleep problems. Could you give me some advice?
I’d like to know which of your hotels is best recommeded for neurological rehab in multiple sclerosis sufferers.
I have problems with cellulite, a sagging face and some excess weight... What treatments can I use during a 3-day stay at your hotels?
I would like to know if spa treatments are possible during pregnancy.
Is it possible to come for post-operation rehab after a heel operation?
I suffer from colds, sinusitis, sore throat and coughs. I lose my voice, breath badly, and my ears are often blocked. Could the bromide and iodide salts in the spa water at Abano Terme be of any help for my problem? My ENT specialist has recommended a cycle of aerosol and inhalation treatments. Are these treatments refundable?
I suffer from fibromyalgia, I am also overweight and stressed. Since I only have a week’s holiday, what treatment would you recommend? And in which spa?
I suffer from a herniated cervical disc, with persistent pain in my shoulder and right arm. Can mud help?

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