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Vicenza is one of the pearls of the Italian Renaissance, thanks to the many architectural masterpieces created here by the unique genius of Andrea Palladio: villas, such as the majestic Rotonda, which springs to the visitor’s gaze a short distance before he reaches the old town centre, but also elegant city residences and public buildings; the most notable of these include the Olympic Theatre, the first, oldest stable theatre created in the western world, and the Basilica Palladiana, which rises majestically in Piazza dei Signori, the previous Palazzo della Ragione having been renovated by Palladio in the medieval age.

Vicenza contains many noteworthy religious buildings, including the ancient Santa Corona temple, built to house the sacred relic of a thorn from the crown of Christ, donated in the 13th century to the bishop of the city. This contains masterpieces of Venetian painting such as the Baptism of Christ by Giovanni Bellini and the Adoration of the Magi by Paolo Veronese.

A short distance from the centre of town is Mount Berico with its Basilica, which was built in 1600 alongside the small, primitive Gothic church: from here visitors can enjoy an unmissable panorama of the city of Vicenza and the Pre-Alps.


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