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Active Thermal Spa

The Active Thermal Spa®, of the Hotel Terme La Residence in Abano Terme, is a spa and thermal treatment centre which perfectly combines relaxation and a desire to be active.

The ancient, wise tradition of spa therapy is combined with the new concept of health and fitness to regain a better psycho-physical form in a pleasant relaxing environment.

Our spa is the ideal location in which to restore your physical fitness after an intense period of work, or simply for the fun of pulling the plug from the daily grind and carving out a moment of satisfaction for yourself in a relaxing spa holiday in Abano Terme.

Athletes young and old can regain and maintain their athletic form, aided by an excellent medical team, experienced in the use of thermal therapy in Abano and specialised in rehabilitation. In fact, thanks to our special rehabilitation method Idrokinesis® you can discover the effectiveness of a zero-risk rapid water-based rehabilitation programme that is stress free.

The Active Thermal Spa® located within the Hotel La Residence is integrated as part of the Idrokinesis® rehabilitation centre of Abano Terme.


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