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Venezia Spa

Maybe the best Spa in Italy?

The charm, the sensations, the splendour and the magic of Venice, all together in a Spa.

This is the Venezia Spa, the new, spacious area entirely dedicated to wellness, located in the Antiaging Thermal Spa at Abano Grand Hotel, ideal both for guests of the hotel and also as a day spa.

An enchanting world, a spellbinding place that relaxes both body and soul: one of the most stunning spas in Abano and indeed the entire Veneto region.

The inspiration for this project was the desire to build a spa that would recreate the sensations, the images of harmony, purity and beauty that a visitor encounters when visiting Venice, as he/she wanders through its characteristic alleyways, fields, courtyards, or stops on one of the islands located in the lagoon. And indeed, the names of the spa areas also recall these places: guests enter the Clay Field (Campo d’Argilla), proceed to the Cold Alley (Calle del Freddo), on to the Steam Courtyard (Corte del Vapore) and finally relax in the Sauna Island (Isola della Sauna).Just as a visitor walks around Venice motivated by the desire to catch a glimpse of hidden corners and unforgettable sights, in Venezia SPA, his journey takes him on a similar trail of discovery, on which all the benefits one can imagine for the mind and soul are waiting to be experienced.

The very structure of the spa evokes the magic of Venice, with its hidden quiet corners, where the guest can relax, reflect on their inner depths and discover the most secreted paths, those concealed within ourselves.

The architectural style of the spa is a tribute to the splendour of Venice, and every one of its many fine details has been carefully designed and crafted to recreate the authentic charm of the Venetian Republic. Moving from one area of the spa to the next is similar to walking through the striking streets and alleyways of Venice. The thermal steam bath is ornamented in the typical, classical Venetian style, the ice well is designed based on the original shapes of the typical wells that can still be seen nowadays in the fields of Venice.

In addition, natural materials, with their glorious past of history and charm, have been used as a tribute to the concept of all that combines beauty and wellbeing: the floor and the showers are built in quartzite, a stone which is well-known for its healing properties, capable of emitting energy, light and heat: moreover its brightness evokes the glamour of the Venice Baroque style.


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